Travel Medical Emergency

National Truck League has designed a plan to protect the specific needs of the trucking industry. If you drive out of your home province, not all of your healthcare expenses will be covered even within Canada. With this plan, the insurance company will work directly with the hospital and the provincial health care plan to get the bills paid.

$5,000,000 out of province Emergency Travel Medical
Unlimited number of trips/year
Flexible options for work and leisure travel

Different Options Available for Purchase:

  • 15 days of coverage
  • 30 days of coverage
  • 45 days fo coverage
  • 60 days of coverage


Cargo Delivery Benefit – Up to $7,500 for airfare, accommodations and meals for a driver to continue your scheduled trip, deliver your cargo and return your truck to your province of residence.

Truck Return Benefit – Up to $7,500 to have your truck returned to your province of residence.

Truck Protection Benefit – Up to $500 per day up to 3 days to have your truck parked in a secured compound or to hire a private security firm to protect your truck.

Refrigeration Unit Benefit – Up to $250 to refuel your refrigeration unit and have a service equipment check.

Pet Return – Up to $500 to have your domestic pets travelling with you returned to your home if you are returned home by the air transportation or repatriation benefit.


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