Having the right insurance coverage just might be the competitive edge you need to attract and retain quality Owner/Operators, to increase productivity, and reduce costs. It will also protect your business from seemingly unforeseen risks.

Our Group Coverage Plan is all-encompassing. It helps carriers and trucking companies better manage their most important resource, their drivers. We start by conducting an insurance audit, followed by a comprehensive needs analysis. A customized coverage plan will be created to best meet your specific needs.

National Truck League can help you achieve a higher level of success with your Owner/ Operators. Our flexible payment options allow clients to invest in coverage on a monthly basis. We can accommodate payroll deductions, credit card payments, direct withdrawals or payment by cheque. In other words, we’ll customize a program that makes it easy for them, and easy for you.

Allow us to review your unique business situation and to show you how the right mix of insurance coverage can help you achieve your corporate objectives.

We’ll meet with you anytime, anywhere, to discuss how we can help you protect your family, yourself and your business.


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