You Don’t Have to be Down Because Your Truck Is


Owner/Operators all understand the harsh reality of the transportation industry – when your truck isn’t moving, you’re not making money. There are countless reasons why a truck can be off the road ranging from mechanical problems, accidents, theft, to a variety of health issues which can cause an Owner/Operator to…

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Protecting Your Family with Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Debt, bills and unforeseen expenses are unfortunately a stressful part of life for many Canadians. The average mortgage in Canada is now over $161,000, credit card debts average $6,700, funeral expenses are approximately $6,500 and college tuition for 4 years costs Canadians about $18,000. We also cannot forget about vehicle…

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Exchange Rate and Your Insurance Policy


Most Canadians are well aware of the impact currency exchange can have on our economy. A poorly performing Canadian dollar can affect purchasing costs and decisions, travel options as well as significantly impact investments. What many Canadians do not consider, however, is the impact a drop in the Canadian dollar…

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Save Time & Money – Prevent Injury

A royalty free image from the trucking industry of an injured truck driver

Sustaining an unexpected injury in the trucking industry can be a very traumatic and stressful event. Not only is a trucker often in an unfamiliar environment when an injury occurs, they are also faced with the added stress of dealing with their truck and cargo. Even a minor injury can…

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