Thinking Like a Thief

open metal empty container of the truck

It’s that time of year again, products are flying off the shelves as bustling shoppers pack their carts with holiday purchases. As those store shelves are kept full by the transportation industry, many Owner/Operators are all too aware this is also the most prevalent and dangerous time for cargo theft.…

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You Don’t Have to be Down Because Your Truck Is


Owner/Operators all understand the harsh reality of the transportation industry – when your truck isn’t moving, you’re not making money. There are countless reasons why a truck can be off the road ranging from mechanical problems, accidents, theft, to a variety of health issues which can cause an Owner/Operator to…

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Protecting Your Family with Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Debt, bills and unforeseen expenses are unfortunately a stressful part of life for many Canadians. The average mortgage in Canada is now over $161,000, credit card debts average $6,700, funeral expenses are approximately $6,500 and college tuition for 4 years costs Canadians about $18,000. We also cannot forget about vehicle…

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Exchange Rate and Your Insurance Policy


Most Canadians are well aware of the impact currency exchange can have on our economy. A poorly performing Canadian dollar can affect purchasing costs and decisions, travel options as well as significantly impact investments. What many Canadians do not consider, however, is the impact a drop in the Canadian dollar…

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Save Time & Money – Prevent Injury

A royalty free image from the trucking industry of an injured truck driver

Sustaining an unexpected injury in the trucking industry can be a very traumatic and stressful event. Not only is a trucker often in an unfamiliar environment when an injury occurs, they are also faced with the added stress of dealing with their truck and cargo. Even a minor injury can…

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