Overwhelming Options

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Planning and preparing for unforeseeable circumstances is essential to ensuring peace of mind for yourself and your family. Given the nature of the trucking industry there can be an overwhelming amount of insurance options and products for a truck driver to consider. Every driver will need their own unique combination…

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Deductible – “You want me to pay how much?”


Insurance deductible can often be a source of frustration for policyholders who purchase insurance and then at the time of a claim are asked to pay an amount to their insurer. Many policyholders find this confusing and brokers often get asked “but isn’t this what I’ve been paying premiums for”?…

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“Why should I opt out of Workers’ Compensation?”

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At National Truck League we frequently get asked by Owner/Operators to highlight the key differences between Workers’ Compensation insurance and what our policies can offer as an alternative. There are some important differences between the policies that should be noted: PREMIUM CALCULATION: Premiums for Workers’ Compensation policies are calculated based…

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Managing Insurance Premiums

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At National Truck League we are very familiar with the concerns many trucker drivers have regarding the cost of their insurance premiums. We often get asked how insurance rates are calculated and what can be done to keep premiums down. Although every insurance company has a slightly different formula for…

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Travel Medical Emergency Protection for Truckers

Travelling Out of Province

At National Truck League we often see out of province Travel Medical Emergency claims in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many individuals mistakenly believe they have sufficient out of province coverage through their bank, their credit card or under their spouse’s insurance policy and only realise…

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Planning for a Successful Succession


As with any business, trucking companies need to ensure they have a proper plan in place to handle the inevitable exit of key managers and stakeholders. For some companies there are no acceptable candidates to pass the business onto or the owner has no intention to do so and the…

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The People Behind the Policies


With the busy nature of today’s world it is often easy to get lost in the immediate list of things which need to be accomplished in a workday. Although completing the tasks at hand help businesses move forward, I am always grateful for the opportunities I receive which allow me…

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Is Your Business Protected?

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Given the nature of the trucking industry there can be an overwhelming amount of insurance options for an Owner/Operator to consider. Ensuring their truck is adequately protected is often the first priority of an Owner/Operator as it is their most important business asset. Next, Owner/Operators will often focus on insuring…

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Another Year Has Come and Gone

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January is often a time to reflect on what has happened in our lives over the previous year and plan for new endeavours in the one to come. We often forget how much can change in a year until we take some time to reflect and analyze the one which…

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Thinking Like a Thief

open metal empty container of the truck

It’s that time of year again, products are flying off the shelves as bustling shoppers pack their carts with holiday purchases. As those store shelves are kept full by the transportation industry, many Owner/Operators are all too aware this is also the most prevalent and dangerous time for cargo theft.…

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