Deductible Buy Down

Accidents happen and as a truck driver who makes a living on the road, you are at greater risk of an accident occurring. Having an accident can put you in a tight financial situation, especially if you have a high deductible. National Truck League offers Buy Down Plans to help you manage your cash flow. Not only can you buy down your deductible to an affordable amount, but you can also use this coverage as a way to manage your truck insurance premium.

National Truck League’s Deductible Buy Down Plan offers you flexibility and peace of mind.

Today deductibles can range from $5,000 – $25,000. You can buy your deductible down to as low as $1,000 with National Truck League.

Want help in managing your truck insurance premium? Speak to one of our licensed professionals today. You may be able to lower your premium on your truck insurance by increasing your deductible and buying it down with National Truck League’s policy.

Even if you have the funds to pay for a deductible, it may have taken years to accumulate those savings. Why deplete your bank account when you’ve had an accident? There are lots of cash requirements after an accident, including lost revenue.


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