Core Values

National Truck League’s Core Values

Riding Shotgun

At National Truck League, we try to think like our customers when delivering service, selling, working with insurers and developing programs and processes.  We strive to align to their needs, whether proactively or reactively, and to help them reach their goals, whether personal or corporate.  We consider our customers culture, language, preferred communication style and cater to their communication needs.

Count on Us

At National Truck League, we do what we say we are going to do and when we said we would do it.  Our clients count on us to be responsive and take care of their needs.  Each department works together so we can provide convenience and accuracy to each policy our client holds in our office. What keeps our clients awake, keeps us awake.  We won’t ignore a problem, we come with a solution.  Our staff are properly qualified and trained to do what’s needed by our clients.

In it for the Long Haul

At National Truck League, we view our relationships as a partnership.  We partner for mutual success with clients, employees, suppliers and insurance companies.  Entering and exiting a relationship is never treated lightly.  We invest in our relationships to show our partners what NTL can really do.

Raise the Roof

At National Truck League we are life long learners.  We stay on top of industry news and developments, and are experts in insurance.  We continually improve our products and services to create more value for our customers.  It’s an attitude to be better today than yesterday.  We train together so we can win together. We challenge ourselves and each other to be better.

Deep Bench

At National Truck League, teams work together, not as individuals.  Teamwork creates success between individuals.  Our departments collaborate so that our clients experience convenience.  One individual cannot create the convenience and experience that a team can.  Our goals are bigger than one person. 

The Golden Rule

At National Truck League, we respect all individuals within every organization that we work with.  We respect that they chose to work with and buy from us.  We respect their human dignity and rights, they are people with thoughts, ideas, feelings, families and we value their worth as a unique individual.  In a quick moving world, we respect their time. 

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